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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 22, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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and a half deep it's the rush they are worried about not necessary the depth of the water. >> shepard: an hour and a half ago they got the call. >> they were saying an hour ago the dog had been walking up and down that divider. they got rush water crews, the rushing water rescue crews on that other side to try and capture this >> shepard: trace, a town l.a. isn't it? >> yeah the l.a. river runs kind of throughout the l.a. basin area. as we said the kids use this more asta board park because there is nothing down there people drive trucks down in it. they want this dog to go south that's what they are trying to do with the life preservers. that's where the crews are down there, they can grab this thing. last time it walked down it walked all the way toward the
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end and stepped off and for some reason it tushed around and walked back twaorp the bridge and they had the life preserver to go the other way. there's no help in between those bridges. you don't want to risk lives of firefighters to go up in the water. you are hoping this thing goes down so they can grab this thing. >> shepard: tell him there's bacon there. that's how you get a dog to do anything, bacon, i've seen the commercial. so he's walking in the right direction now? >> yeah, that's where the help is they don't want him to get cut in the rush. the dog has to be cold. l.a. is in the 50s now, that's cold there. that water he's been in a long time. they are worried about the dog being cold. clearly it's scared and has no idea which way it is supposed to go. maybe they are trying to entice it to go the other way. as we've been watching the dog
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looks confused, cold and scared. >> shepard: you got to figure, the dog knows what it's doing. the dog knows how to swim, -- the dog sees people, if i'm the owner i'm freaking out now. >> yes and the dog keeps slipping which is worrisome. he has a long way to walk. but hopefully, there's the bridge maybe he can make it there and somebody will grab him in a net. >> shepard: where going to get to the news in a minute but i wanted to stick with this. >> it is not really the dog swimming, talkingj to guys who rescue and halls, dogs aren't very -- dogs aren't good in rushing water they tend to panic they don't go with the flow they tend to fight i, they are worried about the breathing a little they start gasping and breathing that's one of the that the rescue teams, as you watched a lot of these animal rescues over the
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years i'm an animal planet guy. they say they are concerned about the dogs panicking and getting lost as that water rushes down. >> shepard: the flow is stronger you can tell from the ripples it appears to be trace and it appears to be giving him a little trouble. >> yeah, definitely. there's that little barrier. if it was -- just think of it as a north and south roadway that divider is a middle ground which onlysc3y rises a ft and a half off the concrete, maybe two feet, that divider would separate if you were driving a car from the other side that's what it is on now. if you think about it, it is probably no more than maybe a foot or 14 inches wide. so it's kind of walking that tightrope in the l.a. river. and very much struggling to try and get down to where we hope help will be. >> shepard: doesn't seem to be able to figure out what to do.
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especially with the water rushing around him. i'm guessing that's a weird feeling. >> you can imagine. i've been looking as close as i can. we've had the assignment desk and people looking here. can't figure out what kind of dog this is. it almost looks like a i don't know a husky. hard to figure out. anybody know what kind of dog this is? it is a big dog. >> shepard: a big heinz 57. we've got some news today certainly and we'll get to it. maybe we'll kill all the commercials. not that we don't love commercials, because we do love commercials. >> because we love getting paid. >> shepard: that 3 a.m. auto deposit won't happen if we miss commercials. >> the dog is going back the wrong way. kind of staying on that divider but going the wrong way. it is hard to get the full
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picture because we can't see if a chopper pilot would pull out. you can see the rope they are back now with the life preserver trying to get the dog to go the other way. that preserver is going to do no good in saving his life. they don't want it to go in way, if you get under that bridge it gets to be a more precarious situation. they want it to turn and go the other way >> shepard: i'm used to doing car chases not usually dog walking. >> we've done many a car chase it is hard to do a play-by-play on a dog walking the divider in the middle of the l.a. river. >> shepard: some people, sometimes i think i should stop reading the e-mail completely. steve grimm just wrote from hattiesburg, mississippi, said please just shoot the dog and stop wasting my tax money trying to rescue it. bill, hattiesburg police aren't doing this, this is
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l.a., don't worry about it. they got time for this it is all right, whatever. bill, come on. i know the golden eagles aren't doing well but get your happy on and get your hate off, bill. >> you can see the rescue teams. now the sides and the bridges on both sides. now they are trying to scare the dog as well on the sides of the bridge as well as on the bridges that are crossing the river itself. we didn't lose the picture. >> shepard: your crew just went into overtime down there so they are probably ready to get the heck out of here. i think we ought to get a little news in. have a great day, enjoy the weekend. we are going to keep watching this. we are going to keep the video rolling or whatever i don't know what we would call it, not tape any more. keep recording. if something good happens
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we'll show it to you. god forbid if something bad happens we'll tell you, not show you. >> president obama on the road pushing his ran to fix this . his message perhaps muddied by more bad news in ohio where he toured a wind combine facility. the white house has been out toing investments in clean energy as a way to boost the economy. the labor department reports weekly jobless claims unexpectedly surged last week. annal lesses expected the opposite -- analysts expected the opposite in the buckeye state the unemployment rate there for the month of december 10.9% in ohio.@n nearly 1 in 9 adults is out of a job. in a crucial election swing state like ohio that is not what the administration likely wanted to hear. mike emanuel is live in that town. president obama tried to address the frustrations many
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are feeling. how do you pronounce it? >> reporter: alivia. the president just wrapping up a town hall meeting. he was trying to address the concerns middle class families are feeling in the tough economy. talked about some of the fights that he's taken on in terms of addressing those concerns. here's a sample of his pitch in ohio. >> so long as i have the privilege of serving as your president i will not stop fighting for you. i will take my lumms. but i won't stop fighting to bring back jobs here [ applause ] >> reporter: he said the word fight or fighting 14 times in his prepared remarks. said it a couple other times after people were asking questions. >> shepard: press secretary gibbs predicted the president would meet with some anger in ohio today. but it looked like a friendly
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crowd, the parts i watched. >> reporter: you are right. people saying i wrote a poem for you mr. president. i want to shake your hand mr. president. i did hear from an 83-year-old woman concerned about social secure. heard from a guy who said mr. president i want to hire a bunch of people but i need help clearing out the red tape. i can use a len from the government, can you help me -- are use a loan from the government, can you help me with that? >> shepard: protest areas gatheringing to speak out against abortion, 37 years since roe vs. wade. let's go back to the doggy. there's doggy. still wandering around. fox 11 news for the southland there and our partner in news the good folks at channel 11 for the southland keeping an eye on pooch for us. you're telling me some sort of shepard-mix, no relation.
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>> shepard: the great puppy watch continues. man in chopper speaking. he was. the l.a. river makes a bend down the way a bit apparent they are trying to get this dog to move to the right of the screen not the left of your screen. >> i think we have plenty on scene. 25 to 30 on scene. >> shepard: 25 to 30 rescue workers on scene. bill in hattiesburg, none paid by the city of hattiesburg taxes. we'll get back and forth to dog here. we are hoping for a good ending. he we will not let you miss it. let's get to the nation's top court. protesters gathering to speak out against abortion. 37 years since roe vs. wade the ruling established the nationwide right to abortion. quick facts: several dozen local health agencies reported more than 820,000 legally induced abortions to the government --
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reported to the government in 2005. that number is consistent with reports since 2000. molly henneberg give us an idea of what these marchers want in washington? >> reporter: not quite to the supreme court yet this is the march route. they are marching from the mall up towards the supreme court. this happens every year since 1974, pro lifers protest the 1973 roe vs. wade decision. they've had their rally on the mall. now they go to the supreme court where there will be another rally. women who have had abortions will give their testimony silent no morally and then visit members of congress on capitol hill. >> shepard: pro choicers must be weighing in? >> reporter: they don't usually have a rally on january 22nd as the pro lifers do. they put out a statement
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saying planned parenthood said on this day celebrate and reflect the roe vs. wade decision. we have more from their statement from planned parenthood that says a woman's right to make decisions is under continuous assault by anti-choice individuals. >> shepard: good to see you. >> she is accuse of gunning down one of the few doctors who provided late term abortions. his defense that he did it to save the lives of unborn babies. today the trial for that man scott roeder gets underway. our legal panel weighs in. in addition, as i promised, we'll keeping up with fido here. fido appears to be sitting for the moment. we'll let you know. so many arthritis pain relievers --
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. >> he's not trying to move any more. that water is starting to fill quickly. it is under his belly that's on the ledge it is much deeper aside from thato ledge. >> shepard: listening to the helicopter reporter talk to his station in los angeles. 16 minutes after noon there. >> reporter: we'll widen out for a second and tilt up on the ledge this is the river bank on the eastside of the
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river. there they are. on the right pan right slightly, that's the 26 th street bridge and the two gentlemen in the orange will propel down and try to get to the dog. looks like they are trying to do something. >> shepard: they are trying. all along this river -- >> reporter: this dog is scared and cold and you know you can't just pick up -- he's a pretty good sized dog. >> shepard: there are a lot of things they could do. many of you writing why don't they get in a boat, a lot of why)xtdon't theys? they apparently have a plan now the last thing they want to do is risk a human life out of this. that's understand able. i think there's a little concern that the dog has gotten very tired. they are worried, according to folks on the scene that because the dog is tired it will just sit there. could be washed away or
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something. >> reporter: we could show you guys that right now. we'll widen out and pan to the right here a little bit. past the bridge a little to the south of the bridge as chris said there he is on the right of your screen. there's the swiftouy water resce individual right there. he's gonna try to -- he's in the water up on the same ledge that the dog is >> shepard: they do have somebody in there. they're gonna try it. they got a lot of people up there. looks like they closed the bridge down. they are serious about getting but it is not going to be easy. like trace said there's normally not water in this river. the l.a. river is dry. it's runoff. they are having so much rain. l.a. get as inch of rain and you would think somebody had
3:19 pm
storm watch 2010 and all of tv goes crazy it is ridiculous. in a week they've had a year's worth of rain. they were very worried about mudslides, one apartment complex i'm sure you have seen it if you have been watching this channel, an apartment complex about to fall off the side of an hill there. they build kind of dangerously close to the edges up there. seem to wash away sort of the l.a. way. at any rate this is one of the -- maybe this dog is a neighborhood dog and has been in this drainable channel many times you heard trace talk about how they use it as a skateboard. fido is i'm going to play in the skateboard park and all of a sudden it is a raging river. of course he could have fallen in, i don't know we'll ask him. they had this before where
3:20 pm
people have drowned. they spent a bunch of money putting these eyelets up and down the base so a rescue worker could tether to the side and use a rope and pull back and rescue somebody if necessary. they have that as an option. and the swift water rescue team, there's a dude fromó that down in there and ready for fido to be taken away. you never know how a dog is going to react. how scared is this dog? what is this dog's disposition? the last thing you want to be is a rescue worker in a water dealing with an angry animal and you start getting hurt orbit 10. i'm not saying this dog would -- you never no. this is the swift water rescue guy. what they are wanting is for this dog to get down to there. there's a man waiting for him
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there. another water issue is that what you saying, rob? let's go to arizona real quick. we a live shot out of arizona. this is from ksaz fox ten news our terrific station there. sky-fox, various locations, there's been an issue, they are having huge water problems there. this system has moved east. arizona they are in the middle of a desert. though they get rain, they don't get it in this kind of volume. whoa, look at this. they are worried about flooding and runoff. you to figure sky-fox is going to areas where they know they are susceptible no -- to this sort of thing. if we see something interesting on the arizona feed we'll take you back to
3:22 pm
that >> reporter: about 18 inches as we just heard this is a shallow water crossing. they are doing everything they can to keep the swift water team crews safe as well. they have a redundancy plan in case one of them get into a situation like the dog. they a lot of crews positioned on all the bridges. they are trying to get to the dog on the northside and the southside. now looks like the dog getting a little scared maybe trying to make a move southbound. there is a swift water rescue member in the water on the qiqer in the water on the bridge. >> shepard: he's on the move again, that's interesting.oç it's what amounts to a divider is what the dog has been on, it is my understanding. there would have been a divider in the middle. now the dog is under the bridge. i believe this is good news. >> reporter: he's very scared. he's cold, shivering, tired,
3:23 pm
hungry, all of the above. he sees these interesting looking people in these colored suits coming at me. now he's starting to move. it is not as deep here. he's off the ledge still able to trudge through on his own. perhaps maybe 12 inches or so. this guy is coming at him. perhaps they can get to the edge of the river here. >> shepard: i hadn't thought about this the dog is scared of the people, the dog is squared period, why wouldn't he be. i bet you they figure out a way. i know all doggies can swim. fido is doing a fine job. producers in the booth are a little nervous. everybody there is probably a little nervous. but, doggy can't figure out what to do. he has probably experienced bad neighbors or the postman.
3:24 pm
i don't know. he didn't think much of those people. maybe he knew something we don't know. this is streaming at we'll keep the stream up. we can't miss a commercial break to watch the dog. if you want to watch it at you can. it is easy if you have broadband or a mobile device, go to and click on the streaming tab. we'll take the commercial and come back. anything that happens of significance we'll replay it for you, right after this.
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>> shepard: doggy in the water. for those of you who may just be joining us. this dog has ended up in the l.a. river which is normally a dry basin. they've had so much rain out there that it is full of water now. doggy here has ended up in the water. he's past the 26th street bridge where he might have been helped. this looks worse than it is, i'm told. >> reporter: there's been a couple of -- yes there's been a couple of l.a. city fire helicopters overhead. that is gonna be a sight to see. i don't know exactly, helicopters are very loud and noisey and i don't know how the dog is going to respond once that helicopter starts to lower in the riverbed. you have wires as well. i'm not sure how that is going to work. >> shepard: here's some good news about what is coming up. i don't want to keep listening to guy in chopper.
3:28 pm
find out who he is. the banks of this river now, you can't see them in this picture are straight up and down. if he were to get to the side there would be no way to climb out. soon, according to guy in chopper, going to be an angled river bank. at that time he may be -- >> reporter: we to widen out a bit. there's the helicopter, you can see the wash tilt the camera a little to the right. >> shepard: i don't know about this >> reporter: now the dog was submerged. he's got to be really scared. these firefighters on the ground and in the air, this l.a. city fire helicopter those are wires there that's something you have to be careful with. there's the guy that is going to propel down and try to get to him this is something else. props to l.a. city fire those swift water crews. i've seen these guys train.
3:29 pm
>> shepard: see the guy in the air a man hanging from the chopper trying to save this dog's life. >> reporter: perhaps he's going to get out of the water on his own, we'll see. >> shepard: man, can you believe this. i mean dog lovers of the world, you better love this man. i mean it's cold and he's hanging out of a chopper to save this animal. big props. >> reporter: maybe 20, 25 -- >> shepard: they may be rethinking it. there's so many wires around. see this, now, this is what i was talking about. the slightly more angled bank on the side. before there would have been no way to do this. at least he's out of the rushing water now. not like he can climb up the thing. >> reporter: he might be able to get up there: >> shepard: that's rick.
3:30 pm
>> reporter: hopefully he'll be able get out. down river. >> shepard: go big dog! >> reporter: we still have swift water crews in the water along the bank walking doing that shallow water crossing towards the dog they continued southbound in the l.a. river south of 26th street where they've positioned. >> shepard: there are swift water rescue folks just down river. there is a man hanging from a chopper. >> reporter: here comes the helicopter back in guys. look at these high tension wires. these are crews are amazing what they do. there's the helicopter coming in that that's -- here comes another crewmember being
3:31 pm
>> shepard: wow! i don't know that's a special kind of person who will do that >> reporter: the dog is petrified now. >> shepard: of course the dog is scared how could it not be terrified. there's a wind machine above me. >> reporter: you don't know >> shepard: get him, don't hurt anybody. be a good doggy. >> reporter: he's trying to bite him, how tough is this, look at this guys, he's so scared. meanwhile, you have an l.a. city fire helicopter hovering 20 to 30 feet above the l.a. river right up against some high tension wires this is remarkable, guys. >> shepard: wow this is quite something. think how scare the dog is now, first in the water, then streaming down the water then people throwing rafts at you, a
3:32 pm
chopper overhead now some dude grabbed yo. what are you going to do to me now? now i'm a flying dog? this is no good. can you believe this? this guy drops down out of helicopter, gets bitten repeatedly by this cog. but he's good enough to want to save this dog's life. look at the dog, like he's dog paddling there. what dogs do. i don't know about you. there's a lot we could have been doing during this time. we do the same stuff all day long. we just do. many of you with us for the first time, because you dropped by the dog. hi, i'm shepard, this is fox news channel. tonight at 7:00 eastern, 6:00 central we'll do a news cast it's called the fox report. you will enjoy it. so set your tivo now if you are not a regular viewer. we'll be right back.
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>> shepard: looky there. fido is the l.a. county rescue vehicle. going to take fido off to the dog hospital. let's go back to the rescue. i'll going to show you everything that happened while were you away. this was the rescue. up goes man with dog who i am now told was biting him. they fly away i can't put myself in the dog's position despite the fact that my name is shepard. this dog has to be wiggin.
3:36 pm
you're not prepared for this when you are a puppy your mother does not prepare you for helicopter rides. there's a lot going on. that four is not channel four that's a number for one of the l.a. county choppers. they are gonna drop -- the animal and the man on to the bridge. watch here. there's little nets. they are going to drop the animal and the man on to the bridge. look at them spinning. wait until you see what the man does. i wish i knew some names, but i don't. listen to chopper guy. so there you go. the dog was apparently not doing great. they work on the dog for a bit. i don't know if you notice, watch man, man who rescued, dog lover superhero here,
3:37 pm
watch what is going to happen with dog lover superhero. i guess, you know, training would say exit as you enter. and away he goes. now that looks like fun. dropping into a river to pick up a dog that's biting you while hanging on the bottom of a helicopter does not look like fun. guy flies away they treat dog on fido on the bridge. and then they take fido into that ambulance on the left hand side of your screen. will we find out what happened to this animal? you bet your bottom dollar. if there is way to fan out we will find out. we -- and report to you tonight on the fox report. evening news weeknights 7:00 eastern, 6:00 central on america's home for news. i'm shepard smith. we'll get into breaking news of the day, next. [ female announcer ] the only thing better than seafood
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>> shepard: now tearful testimony in the trial of a man who confessed to killing a late term abortion doctor. the trial 37 years after the supreme court decided the case of roe vs. wade which legalized abortions across the u.s.. the suspect scott roeder on the right, charged with the shooting death of georger a accused of gunning downer while the doctor served as an usher in his church last may. roeder said the murder was justified because he saved
3:41 pm
unborn children. that argument expected somehow to be the main focus for the defense. the judge says he doesn't want the trial to turn into another debate over abortion. roeder faces several charges, including premeditated first degree murder. joining us former -- former prosecutor and drew finley a criminal defense attorney. drew, what do you make of this defense? >> well, here the thing and the judge ruled on it a couple weeks ago. the only way they are going to be able to open the door to his opinion about abortion is if they move to voluntary manslaughter that is whether there was a suddenly irresistable impulse, an act of passion. the judge is properly ruling he's going to let it be a witness by witness basis. if the confession came to the public. remember he talked to the associated press in a phone call and confessed you can
3:42 pm
keep that out. also remember, there's been tension between him and his defense team. it just makes for a yucky situation. i think the judge is correct in handling it case-by-case, witness-by-witness. >> shepard: i don't understand arthur he was abortion -- why would that be brought into it, man walks up to man in church and shoots him dead that's it! >> you are right i'm confident about that the thing the defense would like to get in is a self service defense which can be used in defense of another, a third party in the i deal world the defense attorney would say he thought the doctor was gonna kill someone else, that being a fetus. therefore, to defend the fetus, he killed the doctor. however, that threat has to be imminent. he would have a better argument if he ran into a surgical room while the doctor was performing an abortion and killed him. at that point he would have a
3:43 pm
better argument. i'm not saying he would be successful in saying he was about to kill a human being so i killed him in service defense of a third party. >> shepard: be careful giving legal advice to some of the nuts out there. i agree with arthur i've tried so many of these third person cases and arthur is dead on in that it's an imminent threat two people in a fight one sees a guy take a knife out and all of a the guy jumps over and punches the guy and hits him and dies. he thinks his friend is in i am presence of death or serious bodily injury. here it is con skrebg maybe in the future he will do these other late term abortions. >> the judge is not going to let any of this in. >> there is no he was gonna kill babies so i killed him. it is not going to be allowed. >> it is going to be what you said. [ talking over each other ] >> one second. it's gonna be doctor was an usher at church on sunday mass
3:44 pm
and somebody came in and shot him in the head that's what going to be evidence swift conviction. >> eliminate any chance of a machine tall health defense. most importantly, i'm pledging on national tv to be a better dog owner, i want to hug my dog, not complain about walking him and i'm not buying off brand treats any more. >> shepard: they deserve it all the important stuff we do around here from time to time this has generated more messages from my crazy friends than anyone ever. >> that was a ruff act to follow. >> shepard: great arthur, don't miss your day job. >> all your shepard jokes i can go with that >> kim better kennedy the first lady of ole miss basketball: my favorite story all week. thank you.
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what if you could capture the fresh taste of broccoli in a luscious soup?
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v8 garden broccoli. from campbell's. velvety, delicious. campbell's v8 soups. also, try new garden vegetable blend. >> shepard: there's little doubt president obama has had a rough go of things the first year, couple of wars, bitter fight over health care reform and a recession. today jobless claims went up. democrats lost their 60 see the super majority. now it appear the sweeping health care reform bill is in serious jeopardy. with us now chris wallace. that's a run down right there, dude.
3:48 pm
that -- >> can i talk about the dog for a minute. >> shepard: i thought you might, yes. >> when you start out at 3:00, i think to myself, he's gonna sit there on national television and show the dog. 40 minutes later of course i'm still watching the dog. and every once in a while i would go out of my office out into the bureau, very serious here. everybody's glued to the dog. my dog winston, a yellow lab he does not get himself in that situation first of all. secondly, if he does he does the breast stroke and gets out. he does not need a helicopter. shell shell bill in hattiesburg right -- >> shepard: bill in hattiesburg writes. >> he said shoot 'em. >> shepard: bill is worried about the cost. his name is steve but he signs it bill.
3:49 pm
no wonder california is bankrupt the federal government better not dare bailout california when california is wasting thousands to rescue a stray dog watch is the cost to operate that helicopter? how many strays were euthanized today. bill is lucky i'm not giving out his e-mail address. >> i hope somebody has a dog in his neighborhood and the dog bites him. >> shepard: look man i just read on the company billboard one of those blogs that guy from the white house is coming on there with you, what's his name? >> robert gibbs. >> shepard: yeah. he is going to be on, right? >> yeah, look we got plenty to talk about. it is an astonishing time here in washington i'm not sure i've ever seen anything like that in the sense you had this election in massachusetts. the republicans are rejuvenated. the democrats are bumping into the walls.
3:50 pm
and you the state of the union speech, i know you are going to be here for that on wednesday night. we'll see if the president thinks he got a message and it reshapes his agenda. >> shepard: i've been covering that state of the union longer than you've been here. we used to do it together, some, do you know that? >> i do know that i've been covering it for a while too, since 1978. she did they are going to put us out on a roof again. >> well, i my long johns. i'll bring winston for body warmth. >> shepard: greta has a heater done there we'll use that do you think the president can dig out of this problem? will this be a bump in the road? they a long hard month an ted. -- month ahead. >> i think he can, he's still popular he's still the president. people want him to succeed. i think he has to make a major, mid course correction and start focusing on what people
3:51 pm
care about, jobs. the white house will say they already are+-ótñ but he has to focus on getting people back to work. >> shepard: where watching sunday before football. for sure, for sure. chris wallace of fox news -- i just an urgent the british government has raided that nation's terror threat level from substantial to severe. i've got a story out of port-au-prince thank you are going to love, next. l's get chinese should we order panda blossom, panda moon... how about chinese at home with new wanchai ferry? you can make it in just 14 minutes mmmh, orange chicken. great. i didn't feel like going out anyway (announcer) wanchai ferry. restaurant quality chinese in your grocer's freezer
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6 breaking news out of england. we have live pictures. those are their terror threat levels. the level has been raised from substantial, the yellow to severe. which is one level up. the joint terrorism analysis center, which would be our terrorism task force or homeland security department, has today raised the threat in the united kingdom up from substantial to severe this means a terrorist attack is highly likely. i should stress there is no intelligence to suggest that an attack is imminent. again that from the home secretary with the very sobering news that the government of great britain has just issued a statement that a terrorist attack is highly likely. but they stress there is no
3:55 pm
intelligence to suggest an attack in imminent. we'll update you as we get updated. >> crisis in haiti. you are not going to believe this it has been 10 days since that earthquake. today they found an 84-year-old woman alive in a collapsed bidding. 10 days after the earthquake. they tell us 92 hours, 72 to 90 to hours, it has been 10 days. a doctor says the woman was badly cut, badly bruised and covered in manage gets. barely responding and barely alive, apparently. she was in port-au-prince, where amy kellogg joins us as the doctors put it they treated this woman on scene, stabled -- stabilized her and were able to take her to an ship for doctor care she needs. amy kellogg is there. it didn't happen where amy is. i i'm wondering in general
3:56 pm
terms how is progress there? >> reporter: as you know it has been very difficult for all the aid that has come into this country to get to the people who need it. mostly about the capital port-au-prince. think about areas that are outside of the capital. we went to one today. it is only 40 miles outside port-au-prince. very close to the epicenter of the original earthquake and the very epicenter of the one that hit, the 6.0 quake that hit wednesday. the roads were completely cut up along with the buildings and everything else. residents say that's why they didn't get aid for eight days. no aid got through to these people for eight days. we were out there today and still didn't see anything. we know that some people have come to check on the residents there. no one is distributing food, no one is distributing water, people are digging through the rubble to see if they can go back in their homes and claim some of their stuff.
3:57 pm
>> shepard: amy, thanks if you want to help haiti we'll tell you how. if you want to track the news from our reporters blogging on our website, click on the tab called live shot to learn more about how to help our website as well helphaiti. reports from people in the disaster zone. if you so choose. ♪ eggland's best eggs. the best in nutrition... just got better.
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